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Springtime is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with all-new Vanity items in the Season 10 Battle Pass! Retro is in with Champion and weapon vanities inspired from classic Quake games, like the Quake III “Last Judgement” Rocket Launcher and the Quake “Fiendish Hood” for Ranger. Plus, this season brings another round of updates and bug fixes!


Season 10 Battle Pass Rewards

  • TERMINATOR – Quake III Arena Legacy Shotgun
  • LAST JUDGEMENT – Quake III Arena Legacy Rocket Launcher
  • CAMPER GONE FISHING – Backpack, Fishing Rod, & Dopefish Ranger Vanity
  • SPOILS OF ARMAGON – Quake Scourge of Amagon-themed Ranger Vanity: Mjolnir and Horn of Conjuring
  • ENFORCER HELMET – Quake Enforcer-themed Ranger Vanity
  • FIENDISH HOOD – Quake Fiend-themed Ranger Vanity

New Weapon Shaders

Basic weapon shaders for Terminator, Last Judgement, and Peacemaker weapon Vanities have been added.

Map Updates

  • Corrupted Keep
  • Fixed exploitative hiding spot outside the shard hallway ring-out
  • Deep Embrace
  • Fixed Dire Orb exploits near Heavy Armor
  • Updated collision near Heavy Armor oil lamp where some players could previously get stuck
  • Exile
  • Redid map lighting – darker environment with improved contrast
  • Updated all map collision, fixing issues that included getting inside walls, jump pad behavior, and spawning below the floor
  • Updated bot navigation
  • The Molten Falls
  • Updated collision to fix an exploit near the Rocket Launcher wall

Champion Updates

  • Death Knight
    • Increased fireball damage from 20 to 25 each
    • Increased fire trail time from 5 to 7 seconds
    • Added 30 knockback (fireball projectiles)
    • Removed splash damage falloff

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Capture the Flag – Restored the mercy limit to take effect in Round 1
  • Mecha Sorg Vanity – Added missing gore to Sorlag’s Mecha outfit. Now fully gib-able!
  • Shambler Arm Vanity – Added a firing animation to the shambler hand & fingers.
  • Old Painless Heavy Machinegun – The chaingun model will now lower out of view when zooming in
  • Terminator Super Shotgun – The Q3 Shotgun now has a pump-action reload animation

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