• ZahiZtajA


Rene is Estonian quake player formerly known as PlaZmA. Stared playing from Quake 1 around 1996 in clan called raisc. Few years later switched to Quake 2, joined clan rapid force and won several 4v4 and few 1v1 tournaments in Estonia. Best achievement was 3-4th place in Q2 4v4 at Triad lan tournament in Stockholm. Around year 2000 switched to quake 3 stared to play in team called 2.0 (Finnish clan). Later moved on to sponsored team named shoot 2 kill and ended up in team escape. During all that time he won many local 4v4 tournaments and once was awarded as Estonian Q3 duel champion. His last Q3 4v4 lan event was at ESL in London, with mid results. Player career ended somewhere ~2005. Now, roughly 15 years later he started playing QC and found his way to clan Annihilation. His favorite game mode is TDM but also enjoys duels.

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